Trendy long summer dresses

In the summer of 2013 extremely fashionable long sundresses - "a wood floor", or at least to a ankles. Do not strive to get close, fast-fitting dress bod - because it is old clothes, models, designers propose to wear gentle surrounding, but at a like time free silhouettes of light, flowing materials. A substance is silk, chiffon, cotton and linen, however well however satin and lace.

Fashion handbags

If we talk approximately the substances of fashion handbags in a source will be key: leather, suede, textile, plastic, as right however straw. Quite popular will enjoy mixing materials like crocodile and python, skin and textiles, leather and suede. Alike posts:Elegant summer dresses and suits Autumn fashion: coat ladies' galleryPanama hats made of felt, material, knitwear

Highlights and coloring

These options will suit those ladies who can not resolve the color of a thin hair. In the source of 2013 are relevant smooth transitions within the tones of a same color thin hair. No must to hurry up to extremes and paint a head in contrasting shades! Remember - the naturalness? How, this slogan does not contradict the desire to stand out. To reach this, simply select a trendy graduation - when the color darkens or lightens thin hair, from roots and finishing tips.

Fashion Earrings Summer

Be sure to buy a few pairs of earrings with big, eye-catching round elements. Balls and coins, mix with chains, will do you much stylish. It is equally interesting to look Earrings done in a configuration of raw vegetables and hearts.

Fashion Dress 2013

In fashion denim dress again. Fan of these models in this season opened a "green lightness." Collections of fashion houses, we offer currently a wide range of dresses of denim, how opposed to the 70's, it was so-denim dresses were at the peak, while there was some range - a couple of models, and wore them with knit turtleneck.


Collection of fashionable shoes Christian Louboutin

CoverThe fashion house Christian Louboutin is a vivid and controversial collection of shoes for the fall 2011 season. It was a place multi-colored suede summer colors (green, red, white), silver brocade, patent skin, black-and-white cell in the English style, metallized web.Surprisingly high heels and platform side by position with sports sneakers in the glamorous style and informal "Cossacks." Bright colors - the memory of a summer will create the fall out into the lightness.Christian Louboutin heels is experimenting with in the framework of a existing traditions, but actively uses all sorts of straps and buckles, ranging with elegant and subtle and overt military finishing accents.A game of contrasts - Some feature of this collection. Black patent skin looks spectacular with white matte, sand-colored platform and a British cage, and in chess composition.  Resembling articles:Mask Autumn: A main shoe trendsCover Styles summer sundressesCover Sunglasses - so an excuse to be stylish.

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